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About Us

Our Story

The Founder

VIP  Brazilian beauty salon in Jacksonville FL

Jefferson fell in love with the profession of hairstyling and beauty services at the tender age of 18 when he chanced a job in Curitiba’s high-profile salon Lady & Lord.
Unbeknown to the technicalities of the profession as a teenager, he chose to pursue a career in the field by learning art and science, taking professional courses, and specializing in his preferred specialty.


VIP Brazilian Beauty Salon • Jacksonville FL

Experience & Expertise

A few years of sheer hard work, learning and the quest for excellence, Jeff made himself a reputation as a premium hairdresser and colorist in the region. It was then that he decided to spread his wings, and moved to Boston where he quickly earned a select clientele, known throughout the city by both Brazilians and Americans. He then branched out to Florida, Jacksonville and is now considered the best hairstylist in the northern US.

After 14 long years of hard work, countless hours of honing his skills, hundreds of satisfied clients, oodles of experience and one single passion to create a thing of beauty; Jeff finally realized his dream in the form of a VIP Brazilian Beauty Salon.

VIP Brazilian Beuati Salon • USA

The Salon Hair, Nails & SPA

VIP Salon is an all-encompassing beauty services salon that provides premium hair styling, make-up, skin treatments, nail art, and body services in a warm and tranquil environment. Led by the renowned stylist Jeff, our team of highly qualified, experienced make-up artists, hair stylists, and beauty experts are perfectly suited to provide some of the best make-up and hair services in Jacksonville FL

we love our customers

A Place to Discover Yourself

VIP Salon is not just a beauty parlor; it’s a sanctuary for anyone who loves their own self. We believe that beauty is every person’s trait that highlights individuality. Your hair is your statement of style; your nails are your canvas to play with. And we celebrate your splendor by bringing out your very own brand of beauty.

100 + Fashion Shows
2K + Worldwide Customers
35 + Award winners
145 + Different Hairstyles

Are you ready to be you?